Christmas Lights Show: Skrillex Spectacular

Traditional Christmas lights get a dubstep makeover

Traditional Christmas lights get a dubstep makeover

The simple Christmas lights that most traditional people enjoy are no longer so simple, the involvement of technology and pushing the boundaries of what is possible has allowed some amazing modern takes on the plain Christmas lights. However, with the increase in the number of lights some of the homes are using, the real winner in this is the electricity companies.

Synchronised to the some top dubstep music

The latest video shows a home with a fair few lights which if anything should keep the property warm during these colder months, the lights have been synchronised to the some top dubstep music by Skrillex.

The lights flash in tune with his track ‘First Of The Year’ which can only be explained as being a labour of love for the occupier who spent time not only putting the lights up, but then also getting them to work their magic in time with the songs beat and rhythm.

Every year without fail those that embrace the festive season are treated to sneak peak’s inside the homes of people who take Christmas just that little bit too far, rooms filled with decorations from years gone past and lights flashing almost everywhere.

But this new trend of light show takes gives back this time of year the class it’s been missing, people taking the time to not just put up decorations but to make sure that when they are up there is some aesthetic benefit to them.

Despite how cute and nostalgic Christmas decorations may be, adding a bassline, snare and other layers and electronica has given this time of year a grime makeover, and to compound the impact the lights set the music off perfectly.

It may not be long before such light shows will be judged and rewarded, there is definitely a strong interest in turning the boring old lights into a spectacle.

For those who don’t know Skrillex is an American electronic dance music producer, it was in 2008 when he began producing and performing under the alias Skyrillex before this he was known as Twipz.

Traditional Christmas

Christmas is a time of year that many people take the time to make special to create to reproduce the feeling that only Christmas can. For some it is staying true to their roots and sticking with the traditional Christmas with traditional Christmas lights, a time of year reminiscent of the festive joy their parents had created for them.

But for the slightly more rebellious and open pushing Christmas forward and embracing what can be done will no doubt open the floodgates for more crazy personal expressions of this festive time of year.

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