Chris Evans dismayed as Vanessa Feltz crashes into his £300k Ferrari

Ferrari crash damage

Ferrari crash damage

Chris Evans was this morning ruing his decision to take his £300,000 Ferrari 599 GTO to work after Vanessa Fletz twice crashed into it in the Radio 2 car park.

Both stars work as DJs at Radio 2 and it was Feltz, who was leaving after her show, who twice crashed into the super car leaving the rare silver and yellow model scratched and scuffed.

Ferrari crash damage

Evans apparently tried to hide his shock as he came out to his car at the end of the show, with Feltz apparently unaware of hitting the car, driving off and going home.

Chris Evans has a fleet of Ferraris in his specially built garages at his home, and even splashed out £12million of a Red 250 GT to celebrate the success of his Radio 2 show.

Chris Evans Ferrari 599 GTO

Evans had Elton John on his show in the morning, although the star accidentally said the F-word shocking listeners.

Chris didn’t seem to mind too much though, as he posted on his blog later in the morning, ‘Wonderful to chat to Elton John this morning. A bundle of fun and a ton of talent. Always happy to talk about anything. He is both a superstar and a fan – the perfect combination. He loves what he does and loves the other people that do it too.

‘You gotta have your projects! They keep you going. Elton John is the personification of that philosophy. I have a treasure chest of respect for him. He has been to the dark side and back, and lived to sing the tale.’

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