CHILLOUT TUNE: The Most Relaxing Music Ever

Marconi Union

Marconi Union

A British band has created “the most relaxing tune ever”. Working alongside sound therapists, the Manchester trio ‘Marconi Union’ created an 8 minute long track titled ‘Weightless’, a soothing tune which reduces brain activity.

Not be listened while driving

Scientists claim that the track is so effective at inducing sleep that it should not be listened to whilst driving. The careful arrangement of harmonies, bass lines and rhythms help to slow down the heart rate, reduce blood pressure and lower the levels of ‘Cortisol’, the stress hormone.

The song was tested in a study commissioned by shower gel and bubble bath company Radox. With the use of 40 women, the 8 minute long song was found to be more effective at relaxation than songs by Mozart, Coldplay and even Enya. The song was even found to be more relaxing than a cup of tea or massage.

The study conducted involved the women being connected to sensors and given challenging puzzles to complete against the clock, which would induce the levels of stress of the participants. Whilst they undertook the puzzle challenge they were played different songs, the heart rate, blood pressure and brain activity was recorded.

The study found that ‘Weightless’ was 11% more relaxing than any other songs that were played to the women, it was found that many of the women in the lab became ‘drowsy’ listening to the song. It was found that there was a 65% reduction in overall anxiety in the women, and 35% lower anxiety rates than the women’s usual resting states.

Scientific theory

Lyz Cooper, founder of the British Academy of Sound Therapy said that Marconi Union have used scientific theory to make their perfect relaxation song. She went on to say that whilst listening to the song your heart rate starts to match that of the song this process is called entrainment. It is important that the song is 8 minutes long as it takes about 5 minutes for entrainment to occur.

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