Cheryl Cole To Split £20 Million With Ashley In Divorce

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole To Split £20 Million In Divorce

Cheryl and Ashley Cole have been granted the right to equally share their £20 million fortune in a consent order signed by a judge. The divorcing couple wanted to fast track proceedings and keep it as clean as possible. Both of them are huge earners and decided that splitting the fortune was the best way to proceed.

Cheryl will still have plenty of money for her reported £100,000 per year beauty treatments and other extravagances. According to the Sunday Times, she has launched herself into the rich list with a 150% increase in her fortune to around £11 million. Cheryl is reported to earn over £1 million a year in the X factor as a judge and that is before you consider lucrative sponsorship deals and royalties.

Cheryl has also recently been signed up as an author of 5 book deals, totalling £1 million per book, to go alongside her upcoming biography “My World” in September. “My World” is tipped to be a best seller as soon as it hits the charts, the popularity of Cheryl Cole is huge and has not been tarnished at all in the public divorce.

Recently, Mrs. Cole, soon to be Mrs. Tweedy,was reportedly paid £250,000 to turn up at a party hosted by prestigious Jewellers De Grisogono. Her appearance lasted around 30 seconds! Nice work if you can get it. She was also reported to receive jewellery for her involvement with Hotel Du Cap which is a hotel of the stars.

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  1. September 9, 2010 at 10:12 pm susan Commented:

    cheryl leaves nothing left to imagination,does she?

  2. September 10, 2010 at 6:55 am deru Commented:

    hello cheryl
    just an advice try to give ash a final chance and see how this love will blossom without the media interfering

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