Cheryl Cole still focused on music career, despite States move

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole has revealed she is still focused on her solo music career, despite rumours suggesting that she may be about to move to American permanently.

The 27-year-old Girls Aloud star has become increasingly reliant on her TV career and is widely rumoured to have landed a job as one of the judges on the US X Factor later this year.

Despite speculation that she will quit the UK for a career in Hollywood, Cheryl was quick to insist that she’s still committed to her music career.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, Cheryl said, “I seriously can’t wait to get back into the studio now.

“I’m itching to start recording.”

Cheryl had a terrible year last year, splitting up from husband Ashley Cole and nearly dying from Malaria and admitted it had been tough.

She added: “Last year was intense.

“But it’s good to be back a year on.”

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