Cheryl Cole offered money to keep quiet about US X Factor

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole

An ensuing chess match has begun between Cheryl Cole and her former, albiet brief, bosses at US X Factor.

According to an insider, Cheryl wants to be paid for the work she has performed on the show “out of principle” because she “moved her whole life to Los Angeles” on the back of the job.

However, rumours have surfaced that Freemantle, the production company for US X Factor, told Cole she must apply for a US Visa first before she will be paid for her work on the show.

If the US Visa goes through, Cole could still net the $2 million she was contracted to receive for working on the TV talent contest. The only proviso is she has to keep quiet about her experience.

A source explained that although the vast sum of money seems extreme for only four days of work, “this is a multi-million dollar show with so much invested, it will be worth it. If she takes the money she is effectively agreeing to a gag. The last thing we need is someone with an axe to grind saying bad things about the show before it even starts.”

It has not yet been agreed whether she will be referred to as a “guest” judge when the auditions she presided over are aired, or the whole drama behind her dismissal will be included.

Contrary to other rumours circulating about her re-emerging on the UK X Factor, Cheryl reportedly turned down a double pay to reappear as a judge.

Watch a clip of Cheryl on the opening day of auditions for the US X Factor here:

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