Cheryl Cole dating new man

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole

Rumours have surfaced that Cheryl Cole is seeing a new mystery man.

She is said to have gone on a date with the man, at the Thai 18 eatery in Hadley Wood, London. A source added, “They have a very special bond. Cheryl loves being around him and there is a definite connection there.”

Staff who were working at the restaurant at the time said the 27 year-old and her mystery man looked “very happy” together, and spent the evening, which they shared with Cheryl’s mum, “roaring with laughter”.

Speaking to the News of the World, a waiter added, “They looked so happy together. We recognised Cheryl but wanted to leave her alone. She was sitting across from her male friend and was roaring with laughter the whole night.”

Dancing with the Stars champions Derek Hough won’t be happy though. He has been at Cheryl’s side for most of the past year, and was rumoured to be dating the star.

An insider explained: “For a long time he’s been the only person Cheryl has wanted to do anything with – he hasn’t had any competition. But it was a very different Cheryl last week.

“There’s going to be an element of jealousy.”

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