Cheryl Cole Confirmed To Join US X Factor Judging Panel

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole

Speculation has been rife over whether Cheryl Cole will be chosen or not as a judge on the US X Factor . Today it was confirmed that the 27-year-old star will definitely be heading Stateside for the American version of the talent show.

A source reported to the Mail Online today that the Girls Aloud member had been offered the job with other reports suggesting she will sign a contract worth £10million next week.

It is known that Simon Cowell was very keen from the start to take Cheryl across the Pond for the show. However, producers in America had been concerned that not only was she not famous enough in the States, but more importantly some viewers might struggle to understand her strong Geordie accent.

It is rumoured now that Fox executives were impressed with her style on the British show, and have subsequently decided to give her the opportunity to make a name for herself in the US.

Despite confirmation of Cheryl scooping the X Factor job, she was not mentioned on the first American X Factor commercial, which was aired lat night during a scheduled ad break in the Super Bowl.

The 30-second clip, which would have cost around $3million to air, revealed that the show is coming to the Fox network in the Fall.

The promo clip shows the well-known X Factor ‘X’ symbols flying in slow motion, before forming into Simon Cowell. He then turns to face the camera, with strong music playing in the background, and the slogan ‘He’s back’ filling the screen.

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