Cher Lloyd freaked out by stalker

Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd

X Factor star Cher Lloyd has been left “freaked out” by a stalking fan.

The star, who seems to add a new tattoo every week was left shaken by an encounter with a fan at a hotel in Liverpool reported the Daily Star.

A source said, “Cher’s really freaked out and nervous about the unwanted attention from the fan.

“She’s constantly looking over her shoulder to see who’s watching.

“And she was even more freaked out after dozens of flowers and teddy bears were delivered to the hotel for her.”

The Stars source added, “Cher asked for a secret hidden door normally only used by the staff to be opened so she could enjoy a sneaky cigarette without him seeing her but somehow he managed to find it.

“Cher was so frightened she started banging on a back door and screaming to be let back in.”

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