Chantelle Houghton regrets boob job

chantelle houghton

chantelle houghton

Former Big Brother star Chantelle Houghton has reiterated her previous statements that she regretted having a boob job.

The star has spoken out in an attempt to help other people who are tempted by the surgery and revealed she wishes she’d never had the surgery, and is now looking into getting the implants removed.

Speaking to Heat magazine Chantelle said, “I was getting divorced, so it was an attempt to shift my attention somewhere else. I think it was a cry for attention.

“I was about a B/C cup and went up to an E/F. I never thought I was flat-chested, I just wanted to change myself completely.”

Asked about the prospect of having the implants removed, she said,  ”I’ve had a consultation with [surgeon] Robin Van Look, and what I really need is a smaller implant and an uplift. But that means scarring that might show. And it might mean moving my nipples.”

Chantelle also warned others looking to follow her lead and get bigger breasts, “You don’t realise the amount of scarring you’ll be left with.”

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