Britney Spears would consider surgery as alternative to diet



Britney Spears has revealed she would consider having pull and tuck surgery as an alternative to dieting.

The star singer, who seems to be coming out of a troubled few years and getting back on track admitted that she hated having to cut back on the foods she likes to look good, and described being on a diet as her idea of hell.

When asked if she would consider surgery to aid her looks she replied,  ”When it’s time to pull and tuck, I’m sure I will consider it.”

Britney is currently in great shape, as she follows her Glee appearance with a new tour but her love of high calorie foods – such as croissants, cookies and candy – left her in tears when a break in her world tour in 2009 saw her put on 14lbs in just one month.

A source said at the time, “She does not think about the calories in the food, just that she likes it. She loves greasy food and creamy sweets and hates fruit and vegetables.”

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