Brand reveals sadistic past



Russell Brand has told how he once became so obsessed with death that he would hammer dead animals as part of his act on stage.

Comedian Brand, who is now married to Katy Perry, revealed that he wanted to “wake up” his audience with the shocking acts.

Brand said, “I was fixated with dead animals and death. The driving ideology behind what I was doing was pretty safe, right?

“And I felt that people were spellbound, like they’d been hypnotised, and I had to wake them up. So I would do things to wake them up. Like, I’d have a load of dead rats or dead chicks, like baby birds, on stage.

“And I’d smash them up with a hammer and then throw them into the audience and go, ‘Why are you disgusted? I’ve just rearranged their atoms. They’re dead already. Nothing’s happened. You’re being shocked by nothing.’”

Psychologist Mr Strauss has revealed that he believes Brands behaviour was down to the drugs he was taking, and his desperation for attention.

He explained, “He was clearly on drugs when he smashed the animals on stage. Also, the whole show was about shock value, because at the time he was hungry for attention because he had just started out.

“He thought this was art, it was important to him – this was him trying to be a rock star, trying to make a point about what is really right from wrong since the animals were dead before he ‘killed’ them. Funnily enough, since then, PETA has embraced him and called him the sexiest vegetarian.”

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