Bradley Cooper talks about De Niro connection

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper

Limitless star Bradley Cooper has revealed that working with Oscar winner Robert De Niro was the complete opposite of intimidating, and that he was surprised by how well they got on.

Cooper told how he had followed De Niro’s career and that it helped him be instantly comfortable with the Hollywood legend from the moment they met.

“I’ve seen him in so many movies, so I felt a connection to him. It’s about breaking down the myth,” Cooper said talking to Parade. “Before we became friends, it was kinda clear that we both didn’t like talking about the filming process so much, we just did it.”

He continued, “Working with him was the opposite of intimidating, it was relaxing. When I would look at the schedule and knew I was working with Bob that day it was a load off. It’s true.”

Cooper has told in interviews in the past, the De Niro was his teenage idol, and had inspired him to take up the acting profession.
The pairs new film, Limitless is out on March 18 in the US and on March 23 in the UK.

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