Big Love’s Chloe Sevigny off floral wear forever

chloe sevigny

chloe sevigny

HBOs new series, New Love, has put star Chloe Sevigny off wearing anything floral forever after having to wear floral the whole way through the series.

Chloe plays Morman Nicki in the show, and is known for her own quirky wardrobe choices.

Asked if she was tempted to introduce any of her own clothes into her characters wardrobe she said,”Hmm not so much, There’s a few blouses but I’m over the little floral print everything! I was doing it in my real life and on the show for so long that I’m now trying to move forward. I had a friend that came over the other day and we were going through my closet and she was like ‘No more calico prints, you’re only wearing body-con from now on!’”

Despite not liking the wardrobe on a personal level, she was quick to point out that she knows the clothes are a large part of her character.

She said: “I feel like it made Nicki more of a strong character. It’s really where she comes from, her hair and her dress and how conservative she is. How buttoned up and tightly wound she is is also represented in her clothes, and I just felt like it was so much an extension of who she was, that I loved it.”

Big Love will start on Sky Atlantic from Friday 18th February.

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