Biebers hair sells for £25,000



Finance News reported earlier this week that Justin Bieber’s hair was on the popular online auction site, eBay, and has eventually sold for $40,668 (£24,911)

Justin had a haircut recently, and has shortened his famous locks.

Ellen DeGeneres had previously stated on Twitter that she would like a piece of his hair when he got it cut, so Justin presented her with a snippet of his hair in a presentation box, which he signed.

Justin, who was 17 this week, is giving bits of his hair away to various people, so they can raise money for charity.

Ellen put her snippet on eBay, to raise money for the animal rescue group, The Gentle Barn Foundation.

Bidding closed this morning at nearly £25,000, representing a fantastic donation for the charity, and showing just how big Bieber fever really is.

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