Bieber slates his mothers cooking



Teen sensation, Justin Bieber has bravely attacked his mothers cooking.

He may have just turned 17, and be rich enough to hire his own chef, but even so, this was a brave move.

Bieber, who was discovered after being found on YouTube, revealed that his mums cooking wasn’t up to scratch on Sirius Radio’s Morning Mash Up show.

Bieber said of his mum, “She’s awful at cooking. She’s awful, awful, awful at cooking.”

He also spoke about the inspiration for his latest performances, expressing an interest in singer/dancer Fred Astaire.

Justin revealed his inspirations, saying, “Definitely Michael Jackson,” before adding, “And lately I’ve been really studying Fred Astaire.”

Bieber also revealed he’s not just into older women, like girlfriend Selena Gomez, but “women in general”.

Happy birthday Justin, who is 17 today.

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