Beyonce reveals she never dreamed of being successful



Beyonce Knowles has admitted that she never dreamed of being successful and couldn’t of imagined she would be successful when she was younger.

She did however think she’d retire young, which would have required a certain degree of success.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan magazine, Beyonce said, “This is really funny but when I was younger I thought I’d be retired by 30.”

“Now I’m nearly there I can’t believe how much more I want to do.”

Speaking her career so far she added, “I never imagined I’d have as much success as I’ve had. I thought it would be great just to get a record out.

“I never imagined the extent of what I’ve achieved. I never imagined the awards, the movies… I still can’t believe it. I’m grateful for all of it and don’t take it for granted.

“When I do something, I try and do it as well as I can.”

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