Becks reveals new tattoo meaning

Beckhams tattoo

Beckhams tattoo

While many football fans will argue that their idol’s tattoo pretty much explains itself, Becks explained why he had the tattoo, which also has three cherubs, representing his three sons.

“Obviously, the cherubs are boys, so my thought behind it is that at some point, my boys are going to need to look after me, and that’s what they’re doing in the picture. Everything has a meaning,” he said in the recording.

“I don’t plan on having a tattoo. It’s just sometimes I wake up and I think, you know, I’ve got an idea of an image I would like on me.

“Some people love tattoos, some people don’t. It’s just something that I have always found can kind of express how I’m feeling, or the thoughts that I have or memories.”

Becks said the tattoo took 12 hours to complete in two sittings, and was tattooed by Mark Mahoney in Hollywood.

“It was an 8-hour session which lasted until about 3 o’clock in the morning. I then went back a few weeks later and we did another 4 hours. It really is amazing,” said Beckham.

It was not Beckhams first tattoo, as the star is covered in them. He already has a six inch bare breasted Angel depicting his wife, Victoria, surrounded by stars and an angel in the shape of a cross on his back.

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