Becks bitten by smitten pregnant wife

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

David Beckham appeared with love bites around his neck yesterday, after dining out with pregnant wife Victoria.

Showing that pregnancy doesn’t have to kill romance in a relationship, Victoria emerged looking pale and exhausted after dinner, but is it the pregnancy that’s wearing her out, or staying up all night with hubby David?

The couple had been out for dinner before making plans for their return to LA when David’s season starts again in March.

Couple leave posh restaurant Nobu

Eva Longoria and Kate Beckinsale are believed to be organising an extravagant baby shower for when Victoria returns to LA.

The couple, who are going to ask Gordon and Tana Ramsey to be the new child’s godparents, are desperate to add a girl to the clan, which already included three boys.

David is said to have been so made up by the news he was bought to tears, and cannot wait to become a Dad again.

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