Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises

With a new instalment about to hit the cinemas, there are suggestions that Christopher Nolan’s Batman will not have the ending many would like to see. There are hints that super villain Bane, played by the talented Tom Hardy, will see that he gives Gotham City’s protector a gruesome end. The poster that will be used to promote the film and one that has already made the rounds on the internet shows Bane walking away from a broken Batman mask.

Batman meets his match

It goes without saying that the Joker, played by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, was possibly the best take on a villain from comic book which was brought alive on screen, and without comparing Bane to the Joker, it will take something special for the new villain to make the same impact.

Bane will be played by Tom Hardy, an actor who completely changes his appearance for the roles he play without going to the extremes of Christian Bale. The new villain is much more physical it has been revealed, and as such it will take a physically strong actor to play him. Whether this will be the final movie in the series is not known yet, but Batman will finally be meeting his match.

Nolan is a director that produces a world that the viewer gets deeply involved in, and no doubt this movie will be same. Gone are the days when Batman movies were cheesy and weak, the Nolan series has made the superhero more real, more modern and much more accessible.

The Dark Knight Rises includes a high profile cast, Bale with no doubt be playing Batman, Hardy will be playing Bane, Catwomen will be played by Katie Holmes and new to the series is Joseph Gordon- Levitt who will star as policemen John Blake.

The movie is scheduled to be released during the summer next year, the 20th of July 2012 to be exact. Many fans might have called for the inclusion of the ‘Penguin’, the role previously played by Danny Devito in Tim Burton’s comic book take on Batman story.

Could this be the end

However, Nolan has turned away from these classic villains and instead chosen the brute that is Bane, no hints have been given to the end but Bale has revealed that he would not like to pursue the role.

The poster of the movie which was released last week shows Bane walking away from a battered Batman mask with the tag line: “The legend ends.”

As ominous as this sounds, the epic series may also have an epic ending.

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