Barbra Streisand clears up Glee put down



Music legend Barbra Streisand was quick to clear up some recent comments she’d made, suggesting she’d snub an offer to guest perform on musical theatre drama Glee if it ever came along.

The legendary singer, famous for Funny Girl, was honoured last week at the pre-Grammys MusiCares awards and was asked if she’d accept a role on the show.

She curtly answered, “Not if I can help it.”

However, Streisand has been quick to defend her comments, and make it clear she didn’t have any problem with the show, but that it was her own hectic schedule that made her reply the way she did.

She told, “When asked if I would ever appear on Glee, I should have said, ‘You never know.’ It was wrong to say, ‘Not if I can help it.’

“What I meant was that I’ve been overwhelmed preparing for my performance on MusiCares, the Grammys, recording a new album, and starting a new movie. So I couldn’t take on any more work, and besides that, I wasn’t asked.”

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