Apple to hold one day special shopping event this Friday



Apple will hold a one day special shopping event this Friday, 26th November, to coincide with Black Friday in the United States. Following thanksgiving, not celebrated here, Black Friday is traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year in the US, and Apple have hosted special days to commemorate this for the last few years.

Last year, Apple discounted certain products for the day, with their range of iMacs and Macbook Pros reduced by up to 7.5 per cent, certainly not a saving to be overlooked on a product that can cost well over £1000.

Whilst Apple are keeping tight lipped about which products, if any at all, will be discounted, thousands of Apple fans are expected to visit their stores of the day. With stores operating a price matching policy, like John Lewis, likely to mirror any discounts, people wishing to buy Apple products for their loved ones this Christmas may choose to shop on Friday.

This year, Britain’s are expected to spend £11.5billion on internet shopping for Christmas, an increase of 29% compared to last year.

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