Apple: Steve Jobs Biography Released

Steve Jobs - The Creative Genius Behind Apple's Success

Steve Jobs – The Creative Genius Behind Apple’s Success

Steve Jobs’ official biography was released yesterday, debuting at the number one spot on Amazon’s bestseller list. The book, titled simply Steve Jobs, was written by Walter Isaacson, a former editor at Time, who conducted over 40 interviews with Jobs to get the necessary material for the biography. The book’s publisher, Simon and Schuster, moved up the release date from the end of November following the death of the former Apple CEO earlier this month.

In the book, Jobs admits to having delayed having surgery in 2004 after being diagnosed with cancer, choosing instead to try and treat his cancer with alternative therapies and a vegan diet. Many believe that he would still be alive today had he not waited to have surgery. Following his surgery, he believed he was cured of cancer, only to later discover it had spread to his liver.


The book also reveals that Jobs believed the “antennagate” scandal following the release of the iPhone 4, where many users lost their signal if they held the phone in a certain place, was a malicious smear campaign by rival smartphone companies Google and Motorola. According to the book, Jobs only took the problem seriously and decided to tackle it when Apple’s current CEO Tim Cook warned that the company risked becoming “complacent” and the “new Microsoft”, a long time rival of Apple that Jobs held in low-esteem. To solve the issue, Apple offered free rubber bumpers to shield hands from touching sensitive parts of the phone that acted as an antenna. The rate of return customers for the iPhone 4 turned out to be a mere 1.7 per cent, much less than  the return rate for the iPhone 3GS, which many analysts put down to the issue with the antenna.


Last Wednesday Apple closed its retail stores worldwide for several hours so its employees could watch a live broadcast of a celebration of Jobs’ life that was taking place at its Cupertino, California world headquarters. Jobs was 56 when he died.

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