Aniston shocks premiere crowd with four letter profanity



Jennifer Aniston is known to most of us as Rachel Green, the slightly ditzy fashion merchandiser from hit comedy Friends, and didn’t utter a swear word in 10 series.

She turned the air blue however at the New York premiere of her new movie, Just Go With It, when she told Adam Sandler, “Get out of here, BullS**t!”

The pair were joking around at the premiere, when Sandler joked that Aniston had only agreed to work with her on the movie when he’d put on weight.

She replied, “bulls**t.”

It’s been a long time, Jennifer wanter to wait until I passed 200 pounds and I finally got there now.” Continued Sandler.

Aniston then replied, “Get out of here, Bulls**t.”

The pair appear together in their new romantic comedy, where Aniston stars as Sandler’s pretend wife, who he invents to impress another girl.

The film is out here in the UK from Friday.

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