Angry Birds: Theme Park

Angry Birds taking the world by storm as it becomes a theme park

Angry Birds taking the world by storm as it becomes a theme park

Angry Birds, a strategic puzzle video game developed by Finnish game developer Rovio may be the worlds most popular game to date. Within the game players are required to use a slingshot to launch birds at pigs stationed on various structures with the intent to destroy all the pigs on the playing field.


The original iOS release is set to make its way into the real world in the form of play parks for children. Rovio, the mastermind company behind the game has teamed up with playground developer Lappset to launch a number of Angry Birds activity areas and play parks around the world.

The first Angry Birds centers, dubbed Angry Birds Land, will debut in the Mastermind Company Rovio’s homeland of Finland, with additional parks to follow in a variety of locations such as the U.K.

The company revealed their plans for the new themes play areas, commenting that they are attempting to bring forward a service that combines both the digital world and the physical world in a way that hasn’t been seen or done before.

As the Angry Birds game is not restricted to age, gender or social group the play parks will be designed to be a place for everyone all around the world.
The play parks will be designed to include all things Angry Birds themed, including animal spring rides, sandpits, climbing towers and a new Angry Birds arcade game.

According to Harri Koponen, Rovio’s executive vice president of licensing and merchandising the companies goal is to motivate their fans, whether adults or children to exercise and enjoy the outdoors.

Manufacturer Lappset also had their say about the parks saying that a key element of the parks will involve GPS functionality, which means that when you enter the park you will receive Angry Birds themed levels on your mobile phone which can be played in other locations.

The first adventure park will be at Finland’s Särkänniemi Adventure Park which is set to open in April 28th 2012.

This is one of the most played games to ever be made, and it portable games have stolen the mantle from the traditional console games.  It has been revealed that Microsoft’s operating profit in the second fiscal quarter of this year was $528 million, down from $666 million realised last year.

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The Tunnel of Death

Lappset’s marketing director Johan Granholm told the BBC that Rovio want to invite people to play the game, not just inside but to go out and move about. Going on to say that there will be large screens within the park upon which you can play the game.

The BBC also reports the Lappset are planning on creating what can be called ‘The Tunnel of Death’ which requires the children to run fast down a passage, should they move through the passage slowly they will be sprayed with water. My Granholm reassured parents that they do not shoot anything within the park.

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