Angry Birds: Astronaut Previews New Game In Space

Astronaut helping launch new Angry Birds game

Astronaut helping launch new Angry Birds game

Don Pettit who is an NASA astronaut has found himself sucked into the Angry Birds phenomenon, after being used to help announce the release date and first details on Angry Birds Space. The recording was made while he was inside the International Space Station.

The International Space Station has been financially burdensome to the US much more in comparison to Europe, Japan, Canada and Russia. It has been estimated that each day a person is in the space station it would cost $7.5 million, for which the US have set aside the biggest budget.

Angry Birds Space

Rovio who are the games creators clearly have much more financial strength, with the game rising in popularity after becoming a hit on phones as a downloadable app. The new ‘Angry Birds Space’ game has been confirmed for iOS, Android, PC and Mac with the date of March 22 being its launch.

The game was officially unveiled in the US but surprisingly the choice of device was the Samsung Galaxy Note, not any of the Apple devices. The company famous for its touch phone and music devices realised a profit of $25.9 billion last year, and it is the largest publicly traded company in the world in regards to market capitilization.

The new game will include 60 levels and six new characters for users to enjoy, all in all the new gameplay elements and characters have made the new game the biggest entry in the series for a while now.

Angry Birds Space will still include the classic feature of birds catapulting themselves at pigs, but the new changes will mean that the stages will involve different gravity levels and a variety of new superpowers which should increase the depth of game play.

Many more stages will be included in the game once it has been launched, these will include free ones as well paid-for content. As the company gets bigger there are also a large number of tie-in products one of which is a book accompanying the game from National Geographic.

Movie tie-in

Other products include new toys and cartoons, there are suggestions that an Angry Birds could be made too. Currently figures have shown that the game series has inspired more than 20,000 licensed tie-ins, with 25 million cuddly toys already sold.

This is one of the most successful game series ever made, with the apps being downloaded a massive 700 million times. A large proportion of these have been the free titles, but the interest is there for the creators to take advantage of.

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