Andre tells Katie “never again”

Peter Andre

Peter Andre

Peter Andre has hit back at Katie Price and said he will “never” rekindle his relationship with her.

Katie Price reached meltdown levels last week and claimed the Peter still loved her, despite divorcing him and marrying cage fighter Alex Reid.

Katie, who has since divorced Alex as well has two children with Peter, Princess Tiaammii, who is 3 and 5 year-old Junior.

Peter has now moved on and is dating Frank Lampards ex girlfriend, Elen Rivas. He laughed off Katies suggestions saying,

“I can’t believe she said I still love her. I absolutely don’t. She knows I’ve moved on.

“ I just wish she could too. She needs to understand we’ll never be together again.”

Peter did admit he hoped the pair could remain on friendly terms for the kids, despite allegedly compiling a dossier against Katie’s bad parenting to win sole custody of the children.

Pete added, “I’ve never wished Katie any harm but the main aim of my life is to be the best father I can be and that’s it. That’s all I care about.

“The children have always been the most important thing in my life. What Katie does in her private life, as long as it doesn’t affect them, is of no concern to me.”

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