Amy Adams hadn’t thought about winning Oscar

Amy Adams

Amy Adams

Amy Adams revealed that she hadn’t even thought about who would win the Award, and was more concerned with getting the Red Carpet bit right.

Amy didn’t win in the end, losing out to potty mouthed, Melissa Leo, who became the first person to swear at the Oscars, but was pleased to be there.

“I’m just excited to be here,” said Adams, who was nominated for role in The Fighter.

“I haven’t even thought about the winning, the competition. I’ve just… mostly thought about the red carpet up to this point.”

Adams, who wore jewellery worth $1.3m (£800,000) to the ceremony, said she had planned to go onto a party afterwards as her daughter, Aviana, would already be in bed.

“She’ll be asleep by then, so I don’t feel too bad,” said Adams. “But I can’t stay out too late, she gets up at about 6 o’clock in the morning… I’ll get up with her. She’s so hard to resist. Really!”

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