America Vs. United Kingdom: Battle Of The Skateboarding Dogs

Tillman the skateboarding dog

Tillman the skateboarding dog

The United Kingdom and the United States of America have always had a underlying rivalry, and it seems this will continue with skateboarding the newest battle tool. Both countries have dogs which can skateboard but the real question whose is better .

The K-9 contestants for this battle could not be any different with the  Brighton based Jack Russell going up against the British bull dog from U.S.

Fastest and first

Throughout history there has been the shifting battle of who has been able to achieve things the fastest or at minimum just quicker than the opponent.

The moon was visited by the Americans first, the internet was invented by the British, the Wright brothers were American, and Concorde was in part from Britain. The long-running battle has had victories for both sides and it looks like skateboarding dogs is the latest competition to be resolved.

The dogs which will take part in the test are from different parts of the world and breeds. Firstly there is Bodhi from Brighton in England and then there is Tillman from the U.S.

There was three battles being judged, the first was called ‘looking good’ and it went to Tillman and as such to the U.S.


‘Mad skills’ is what was being judged for the second round and after a close battle the UK came out on top with Bodhi demonstrating a higher level of control over the skateboard.

Round 3 was called ‘Mad Skills Plus’ and it involved a surfing board and both dogs riding small waves in the sea and it was the American Tillman that came out on top and with it taking the battle. However, Tillman being a British bulldog has meant that he was disqualified over the technicality with the crown of the best skateboarding dog going to Bodhi.

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