Amber Heard signs up to Playboy

Amber Heard to do Playboy

Amber Heard to do Playboy

Actress Amber Heard has signed up to star in the new TV Pilot as a sexy pin up in Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Club.

Amber, who came out that she was gay at a GLAAD event last year, has the body of a playboy model.

Amber in her modelling days for FHM

The stunning blonde will play the part of a Playboy bunny in the drama which will be set in Chicago, Illinois in the 1960’s. The drama will be titled ‘Playboy.’

Heard however, claims that her character will be no ordinary playboy model.

She says, “It’s going to be like Mad Men meets the Sopranos meets Moulin Rouge! I’ve never been to the Playboy Mansion and it does sound wild but this is set in the 1960s so it’s a different world to the one that we know of today.

“It’s different kinds of women – pre-surgery, on the eve of women’s lib (the women’s liberation movement). I’m interested in being a character who is a real woman among other real women.

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