Amanda Seyfried to find London return difficult

amanda seyfried

amanda seyfried

Red Riding Hood star Amanda Seyfried has admitted returning to London will be difficult.

The actress, who recently starred in ‘Dear John’ as well hasn’t been back to the UK since splitting up with British boyfriend Dominic Cooper in May last year.

The couple were together for three years and Amanda admitted she loved how easy life was in London, but revealed she was worried about visiting again.

“I haven’t been back to London since before we split. It’s tough. I need to get back. But it’s hard when your relationship starts there and then goes on for three years.

“It’ll be difficult to go back but I love it. Oh god, it just feels so easy to be there. You don’t have to watch yourself all the time.”

Amanda has recently been romantically linked to Ryan Phillippe, another actor, and revealed she has got over feeling uncomfortable watching erotic film footage of herself with her family.

She explained: “I can turn my sexuality on and off. It doesn’t exist in everyday situations. I don’t really think about it then, but there are certain situations where I will make myself be aware of it. Just to keep myself in check.”

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