Britains Got Talent’s Amanda Holden runs from panel as comic dressed as a giant pigeon launches at her

Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden

As a judge for Britain’s Got Talent, Amanda Holden is used to seeing strange acts on stage but one act was a little too bizarre for the 39-year-old judge.

Left jumping out of her seat after a man dressed as a six foot pigeon aunditioned for the popular talent show, Amanda was not impressed.

Phil Zimmerman’s off-the-wall interpretation of a crazed pigeon was so strange that the 39-year-old left her seat when he approached the judges panel.

A source said: ‘Phil’s performance was so abstract and so off-the-wall that Amanda was totally weirded it out by it.’

‘He was dancing around the stage shrieking and gurning and nobody got what he was doing

‘He went to give the judges a flier and Amanda got up out of her seat as if to say ‘I’m not getting involved in that’

‘It was so weird I can’t even see that going down at the Edinburgh fringe or an alternative comedy event.’

Security waylaid the crazy performer, as he approached the judges’ desk  but it turned out he just wanted to give the judges a flier for his comedy show.

After being badly received by the crowd in the Hammersmith Apollo, the comic carried on flapping his arms and squawking in an attempt to impersonate a pigeon, while spectators duly booed him off stage.

According to reports, the comic had already thrown fliers to the judges before he launched himself at the pregnant judge, Amanda.

Appearing on Never Mind The Buzzcocks, his biography states: ‘His legendary mad pigeon act has been featured on the ITV 2 Show Gagging For It, and his performances have drawn comparisons with Charlie Chaplin and Tommy Cooper.’

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