Alex Reid in a world of pain

Alex Reid

Alex Reid

Alex Reid may have just entered his most painful fight yet as Katie Price, also known as Jordan, posted of their troubled marriage on the popular social networking site, Twitter.

The 32 year old businesswoman and glamour model wrote: ‘To answer my fans questions, News of the World did a accurate story Sunday about our marriage in crises (sic) ..always look on bright side xx.’

Although ‘looking on the bright side’, the celebrity mum-of-three omitted to explain how this would save her marriage to Alex Reid but instead preferred to promote her new KP Equestrian and KP Baby ranges on Twitter and reiterate when her next signings will be.

The couple’s first wedding anniversary is looming but it is questionable if the pair will make it to the 2nd February to celebrate their paper anniversary.

After months of rumours of the couples’ troubles, and Katie being seen on numerous occasions without her wedding ring, the couple flew out to a secret location in the Indian Ocean in a last bid to make their marriage work.

The most recent coverage of the couple, and first time they have been seen together for months, shows them smiling whilst on their New Year’s holiday. Perhaps the couples’ relationship is on the mend or were they just sporting brave faces for the cameras?

Whether it is the fault of the ‘media circus’ that surround them, the pressure upon Katie of trying to find time for Alex whilst organising her demanding career, or just that the two aren’t meant to be. Only time will tell if the pair will work through their troubles or fight it out in divorce court.

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