Alex Reid accuses Katie Price of sabotaging his life.

2009 UCMMA Ultimate Challenge UK "Mayhem" - Press Conference

2009 UCMMA Ultimate Challenge UK “Mayhem” – Press Conference

Alex Reid has complained that estranged wife Katie Price is hell bent on sabotaging his life.

The Celebrity Big Brother winner also believes she was responsible for having his twitter account and website shut down.

In a clear dig at Katie he told how “dark forces” were at work and that his old account had been “mysteriously taken offline.”

Reid had initially suggested he just wanted to get the divorce over with, but now looks to be up for a dirtier fight.

Katies friends last night denied she had anything to do with Alex’s online problems, and Reid has opened a new twitter account.

The new account has a photo of Reid holding up a board with the accounts name on it, and clearly shows his wedding ring, which he is still wearing despite the split.

Alex told his twitter followers: “My old account was removed… having to build up a new one :-) .”

Reid was also told yesterday he has no right to Katie’s estimated £40 million fortune, and could only claim half of the money earned during their time together – thought to be around £3million.

Alex had been demanding £10million, but will only get around £1.5million now, as close pals worry he is heading for an emotional breakdown.

The star pulled out of a party in London last Wednesday at which he was due to be an ambassador for the Active Harry Party, which has been put together to increase sports participation in young children.

Host Harry Johnson, 10, said: “I’m sad Alex didn’t come. I really wanted to meet him.”

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  1. February 12, 2011 at 11:49 am johnny davidson Commented:

    Poor Alex! You’ve been narc’d. What you’re supposed to do now is fold yourself up and disappear from existance, so she can get on with her life.

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