Alex Jones thanks Jason Manford

Alex and Jason

Alex and Jason

Alex Jones revealed she is “grateful” to former One Show host Jason Manford

The Welsh beauty presented the show with Manford until he resigned after admitting sending inappropriate messages to other female fans on twitter, even though he is married.

She admitted that despite the storm, she is grateful that she got to work with Manford, as he had a big say in her getting the job in the first place.

She explained: “Where Jason is concerned, I’ve got a lot to be grateful for because he had a say in choosing me as his co-presenter.

“We went through a really pressurised time together – not just taking over from Adrian and Christine, but also because we moved to London at the same time and the city was new to both of us.”

Alex is also enjoying working alongside former Blue Peter man, Matt Baker, who has taken Manford’s slot.

She added: “Jason is so busy with his comedy whereas Matt and I can knuckle down and concentrate solely on the show. We can finally settle down.

“This period of unrest meant I’ve become the main presenter of the show, which is amazing – it was enough just to be on it – but having Matt takes the pressure off. Matt’s a lovely guy, really professional and stable. It’s the start of a new chapter for the show, I think.”

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