Adele cancels remaining American tour



Grammy-winning singer Adele has had to cancel the rest of her American tour to recover from laryngitis.

Under her doctor’s orders, she had already postposed five shows but was determined to finish out the tour after a few day’s rest.

Unfortunately, while resting in Los Angeles she saw a specialist “who determined it was imperative that she take the next few weeks to recover with absolute voice rest.”

In a statement on her website, she apologised to fans, saying “I’m really frustrated. I was hoping with a weeks rest I’d be better to sing again straight away. However, there is absolutely nothing I can do but take the doctors advice and rest some more. I’m so sorry. See you soon, love Adele.”

The 23-year-old British singer who is known for powerful love songs “Someone Like You” and “Rolling in the Deep” has won over America with her soulful voice, an achievement not too many British bands and solo artists have easily done.

Adele said plans to reschedule the canceled dates were being considered, and more information would be given when available.

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