Adele can’t stay friends with an ex



Pop sensation Adele has revealed she has no idea how people can star friends with their ex boyfriends and girlfriends after breaking up.

Adele, whose ex boyfriend was the inspiration for her new album, ‘21’, said she couldn’t imagine even being on speaking terms with one of her ex boyfriends.

She said, “I’ve never got that whole ‘stay friends with your ex’ thing.

“If we hadn’t ended on bad terms we’d still be together. Life happened and I’m more accepting of it than I ever used to be.

“I don’t have a panic attack if something goes wrong anymore and I can deal with things a lot better.”

Adele, who is only 22, added that she didn’t think she’d be able to trust herself meeting up with an ex.

She added: “Maybe when I’m 35 and married and with my life partner I might suggest we have a drink or something. But actually probably not even then. I’m not sure I’d trust myself.

“I wouldn’t trust him with his ex so it doesn’t seem like a good idea does it?”

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