100 percent sure Helen Mirren backs Colin Firth for Oscar success.

Hellen Mirren

Hellen Mirren

Helen Mirren is “100 per cent” sure that Colin Firth will pick up the Best Actor Oscar role his leading role in ‘The Kings Speech’

Helen herself is no stranger to winning an Oscar, having picked up the Best Actress gong in 2006, for her outstanding performance in ‘The Queen’, explained in an interview why she thought Firth would win the award but that it wouldn’t change his life.

Mirren told a showbiz magazine, “I would rate his chances 100 per cent for winning an Oscar. I think his performance is spectacular and I’m proud to be a British actor alongside him.

“Life doesn’t really change after you win an Oscar. Colin is already a world famous actor and respected actor so I don’t think it will change that too much. But it is an amazing time in your career and what Colin is going through, there’s nothing like it.”

Helen herself is starring in a new British Film, Brighton Rock, which had its premiere last night in Leicester Square, London, and has recently been labelled by the media as a style icon.

The 65 year old star said, “I would love to have longer legs. Being called a style icon is great. At my age its like wish come true because I think of myself as more of a bag lady.

“I wash up nicely but mostly I’m not a style icon.”

Hopefully for British film, Brighton Rock, will be as big a success as ‘The Queens Speech’ has been. See the trailer below.

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