‘Goodbye my friend’: Have Mel B and Victoria Beckham fallen out for good?

Mel B Victoria fall out

Mel B Victoria fall out

After their famous words “Friendship Never Ends” it seems the two Spice Girls have eaten their words.

After being embroiled in an on-going row, it is rumoured that Victoria Beckham and Melanie Brown have not spoken for months.

The pair, who both currently both live in Los Angeles, fell out after Victoria refused Mel’s request to wear her designer dresses in her Bravo reality show, It’s A Scary World.

A source said: “Victoria would have lent her outfits if she could have done but she just didn’t have anything. The samples were not the right size for Mel’s curves and the sizes she needed were not in stock.

“Mel seemed to take offence that she didn’t pull strings and she was fuming. The trouble is even if Victoria had sent her dresses the likelihood is she wouldn’t have got them back. That’s what Mel is known for. Although that thought didn’t even come into the equation, Victoria got it in the neck from her.

Mel is rumoured to have bombarded her fellow spice girl with angry text messages and phone calls and now holds a grudge against Victoria.

“They’ve not spoken for months. Mel was clearly very angry. She explodes and goes mental and takes a while for her anger to simmer down. Posh is not too worried – it’s Mel who’s holding a grudge.”

Will the two become one again? Or is this the real end for the Spice girl’s friendship?

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