Debt: Students Get a New College



The new Hartlepool College of Further Education has opened for the first time. The college cost £53 million and was a rebuild of an old college in the area.

Work began on the college in Stockton Street in Hartlepool in October of 2009. It is the centre of town. Originally, plans were for £62 million, but they were revised downward before construction began.

One of Twelve

After a Learning and Skills Council (LSC) shortage in funds, due to cuts, only 12 projects were approved. There were 144 requested. Original plans were a £5 million extension to the original building, but they ended up a total new building, which includes a conference centre, gym and bistro.

Assistant principal at the college, Steve Wallace, was delighted with the building, saying, “The architects have worked very, very closely with the students and also the staff to actually plan exactly what we need for our curriculum needs. To see it realized and see those first students come in is very, very pleasing, and I must say we’re absolutely delighted with the final product.”

This information comes after discussions about youth being NEET, or not in education, employment, or training, have been ramped up in recent weeks. The money spent on the new college should help lower that statistic.

Recent Issues For Students

Students have recently faced an extreme change in university tuition fees; so A-level results have become increasingly important, with extra competitiveness bearing in mind that scholarships and bursaries could be given to needy students with the top grades—the higher the better.

The new building is larger, brighter, more advanced, and up to date and “greener” than the previous building had been and should be more conducive to a better education than the previous college.

For the four years before the work began on the building, staff and partners had worked extremely hard to make sure that the education received at the college was the best it could be and hoped it would make sure to ensure that future students would be prosperous financially, adding to the value of the economy.

The college includes state of the art engineering, aerospace, construction equipment, and fitness beauty, and conference facilities.

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