Smaller British companies unable to get benefits of export

UK Small Businesses Unable to Tap Huge Potential

UK Small Businesses Unable to Tap Huge Potential

According to a recent survey, smaller British firms are unable to tap the export market because they perceive the barriers to be too high.

43 percent of non-exporters believe that exports will increase their revenue for the year while 46 percent among the group believes that revenue growth can be around 10 percent for the year.

However, 84 percent of the firms surveyed did not plan to start their export operations due to perceived trade barriers.

The survey compiled of 513 samples and was conducted by Parcelforce. The survey found that perceived barriers were ill-founded and executives from both non-exporting and exporting firms were interviewed.

Giving a breakdown of the perceived trade barriers, Parcelforce said that 32 percent of the non-exporters did not know which market to target, 35 percent believed that their products were not fit for export, 24 percent believed that exporting will be prohibitively expensive and a staggering 53 percent believed they lacked the resources for effectively exporting.

The survey found that the perceived barriers of export were very different from the reality, said Simon Batt – International Director of Parcelforce Worldwide.

“We are always surprised to see the number of companies that have the appetite to export but feel they do not know where to start”, he said.

A guide called Barriers to Export has been prepared by Parcelforce in collaboration with UK Trade and Investment and is available for free at both the organisations’ websites.

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