Britain’s Youngest Grandad at 29: Should we be proud or disgusted?

Britain’s Youngest Grandad at 29: Should we be proud or disgusted?

News was released today of a 29 year-old man is to become a grandfather after his daughter becomes pregnant at 14. But is this something that should be celebrated?

With Britain being top of the list of highest pregnancy rate in Europe, what is being done by the Government to prevent this epidemic of under-age pregnancies?

Statistics suggest that the high teenage pregnancy rates are higher for those from a lower class background, but what exactly is being done to give these teens the motivation and the opportunitiesto succeed in life, instead of following their parents into dead end jobs or unemployment?

Shockingly, at high school i witnessed a conversation between a group of girls well known for their promiscuous behaviour, that their goals in life were to get pregnant, get a council house and live happily ever after. Is this the reason why one in three 16-25′s in some areas are unemployed, because all their life aspirations are to get pregnant and get a council house?

Although the anonymous man told The Guardian, he was ‘fuming’ that his daughter has fallen pregnant before she has even begun studying for her GCSE’s. Has the 29 year-old unemployed father done enough to explain to his daughter the consequences of her actions?

I personally come from an area with a high underage preganancy rate, however does the line of what is acceptable come from your friends or your family? My mother for example, always threatened my siblings and I that if we ever got pregnant or conceived a child that we were on our own. Although to some this may seem insensitive and “bad parenting” but is this an example of how sometimes ”you need to be cruel to be kind”? My friends and their parents all had similar attitudes but is this because of our parents constant reminders of the bad stigma that an under-age pregnancy would bring?

There has always been alot of debate as to whether enough is being done at schools to teach Britain’s youngsters about sex and the consequences an under-age pregnancy can have on their lives. At school the most i was taught was how to put on a condom using a banana as a practicing tool. I could not imagine how it made the teacher feel being stood in front of classroom full of young boys demonstrating how to put condom on a banana because he looked more embarrased than we did.

Therefore, is this the problem? Are the teachers too embarrased to teach sex education? Well for me, i think i would feel a bit ridiculous if i was holding up a banana doing a demo for a bunch of laughing lads. I’m no expert on education but maybe the education system needs to take a different approach and try scare tactics. Would the kids listen to an 18 year old single mum who talks about how she can never go out  clubbing because she can’t afford it, or can’t get a babysitter. How she can’t afford new clothes because the baby comes first. 

Maybe it’s time we began to think like teenagers we were all that age once!

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